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The world is craving experience. The buzz of scrolling, swiping, and subscribing is wearing off. The newest thing is actually the oldest: human connection. 

Post-Covid, brands recognise events are an opportunity to reveal how they look, sound, and feel in the world again, galvanising their audience more effectively than any other marketing tactic. 

Events do the one thing that the mighty internet can’t...real life. 


Who We Are

We are a group of experienced event professionals that get it. 

We know the difference between creating clutter and creating a cultural moment. 

By combining smart, tactic-driven event design with our knack for finding edge and modernity, we plan events that get people together, talking, and totally immersed in the moment.


Why We Love Events

 Events give us the space to create the new. 

We start with ideas and goals and bring something into the world that changes everything. Events are where connections are made, where ideas take root, where stories begin. 

Events are finite. They don’t have the luxury of updating or versioning, so they need to hit; in the moment, with the right elements, speaking to the right audience. That idea thrills us. 

With a unique combination of careful curation, cultural attunement, and community building, we build events to be remembered. 


What We Do

We work with brands and agencies to provide clear context in the noisy world of marketing. Our core work falls into two main categories: 

Corporate Consulting: We partner with government and commercial agencies, entrepreneurs, start-ups, boards, and more to help define strategy that leads impactful events. 

Public Facing Events: We host workshops, masterclasses, and speaking engagements to get your events team on the right track. 


Our Manifesto

We believe in finding your people, in the power of human connection. No, not connection as in, “Let’s Connect!”. True connection. Like dancing all night with a new group of friends or cheering on your running partner as they cross the finish line. 

We believe in celebrating a moment. In identifying what makes an event special within the context of culture, putting a stake in the ground, waiting for people to show up, and watching magic happen. 

We believe in a duty to the details. No great event happens by chance. Woodstock was an outlier; let that sink in. The curation of the right people, brands, vendors, and scheduling is the side of events that no one sees, and it’s the side we care about most. 

We believe the world wants experiences. And we want to make them happen. 


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